New Normal, New Goals

I, like most, made many plans going into the year 2020. From bucket lists to vision boards to feng shui and zodiac readings to preliminary steps towards making it all come into fruition. Said plans were brought to a screeching halt due to present circumstances. Nonetheless, after a mini meltdown (or several), I have resolved to regroup my thoughts and rather than focus on new plans, I will simply start with new goals.

It’s been approximately five months since the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 made global headlines, four since it was labeled a ‘pandemic’, and three since Luzon was been placed under Quarantine through stages. Our movements, income, and access to what we associate with “normal” ways of life have been compromised. The virus does not discriminate. It has affected all governments, businesses and economies, and societies. All things considered, it has been easy to lose motivation.

Fortunately, I’m not one to resign to cynicism. I have my moments, but I always find a way back to faith and hope. Whenever I spend moments feeling grateful for all my blessings in spite of circumstances, good news suddenly comes my way. It isn’t even always about me, but about others and that makes me happy and restores my faith. As for hope, whether or not we’re ready for it, the economy has started to re-open. I tend to be fearful about our progress (if we’ve made any), but I know that it is necessary and it will relieve a lot of Filipinos. That in itself gives me hope.

We definitely cannot relax just yet and we still have quite a battle ahead of us. There is still so much uncertainty and very little inevitability. I suppose that is why I have decided to share the concept of simply focusing on goals for now as opposed to formulation of plans. I wish to help others – as I help myself – hold on to positive thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.

Goals vs plans

Goals are the ideas that we aspire to and place intent into. Whereas, a plan is how we intend to make goals see reality. Some might say that without a plan, a goal is just a goal and to an extent, that may be true. Yet, I don’t think we should ever underestimate the power of manifesting goals into actuality through the sheer power of our minds. So much of the law of attraction is the ability to attract whatever we picture as pure and true in the center of our thoughts. With that said, perhaps we put the hows and the means to rest for now and just focus on new goals period.

Personal Goals

My personal goals are all about improvement:

• Self-improvement – I’ve come a long way and am not the person I was year or even months ago, but there’s always room for improvement. I never want to stop evolving. I want to be the best that I can be internally and externally. Modesty aside, I have many talents. While I’m a firm believer in working on one at a time, because of the notion that trying to chase more than one rabbit may end up in losing all of them down the rabbit hole. If I have all this time at home, though, I see myself finding a way to unplug from work every so often to balance my advocacies, my art (music, makeup, and writing), and my reading and higher learning.

• In the lives of others – This is the very purpose of my occupation, in which we serve the OFW sector. I want to do more. We aid those in their times of need, but there must be more ways to empower and protect them from the onset of employment and through every eventuality – even loss of work. Less need for them to have to make distress calls. To be honest, this isn’t even totally dependent on the government. I believe every Filipino should care about OFWs. I’m sure we are all related to or connected to an OFW. A lot are back home and over 40,000 more are going to be repatriated, it is time for us to make use of their world class skills and talents locally. I wish to see that happen. I want to see them attain long-term gain, especially seeing how much they suffer and lack support now notwithstanding how much they contribute to the nation and sacrifice for their families. I want to educate, inspire, and help our kababayans reach their full potential.

• Atmospheric – The one thing that would remind me that not all is bad on my rough days under quarantine is a clear blue sky. I have always been concerned about improving my community and my environment, but I admit I haven’t done a damn thing to make a change until recently. I’m composting, growing fruits and vegetables in my backyard, and finding ways to make a difference at home and eventually, the community. I was recently reminded about how my Lola co-found the Linis Ganda cooperative and I have been so inspired by her brilliant vision. There is much more to be done to cleanse and nourish our surroundings.

• The greater good – We, as individuals, must be: a) self-accountable, b) self-reliant, but c) willing to be a team player. As much as I want our land to heal, I want our people to heal, too. Let’s be real, we have some pretty toxic traits in our culture. I refuse to just let that be something that we accept. We can all choose to be better. We can all choose to acknowledge that we all have to do our part for everything around us to be better.

The healing process often requires the combined forces of forgiveness and atonement. Let’s do this for one another. In effect, you would be helping yourself, too. Let us heal from past traumas, so that we avoid projecting on others and can break destructive cycles. We need to heal ourselves to heal the world.

Bottomline, I don’t know how, but I want us to improve through generations. We must expect more, but also appreciate more and take more responsibility. Know our rights without having entitlement mentality. Know how to use our voices and for the right reasons. Know that we can all reach our goals without having to pull the next man down in order to reach them.

Having said that, I truly wish for better days. May all of us continue to make new goals and embrace them and see them through “the new normal”.



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