A Hero’s Welcome for our OFWs

24,000 OFWs are returning to their provinces this week with tens of thousands more being repatriated back to the Philippines in the coming days and weeks. The national government and LGUs are working hand-in-hand in this regard.

Once they have returned to their respective provinces, they will be able to avail of training and livelihood programs under various government agencies.

Having said that, there are many more initiatives that we can propose to the government and there are many more ways that even the private sector can help our kababayans now. I strongly believe that it is high time for everyone to care about our OFWs, now more than ever, as they struggle with loss of employment and are reunited with their families who depend solely on them. After all, all of us Filipinos are connected to or even related to an OFW. We have certainly all benefited from their hard work and sacrifices through their remittances, which infused sustenance into our economy to the tune of $33.5B in the last year alone.

Now that they will be home indefinitely and our economy is slowly reopening, how about we empower them and give value to their world class experience and skills? Let us hire them, give them proper business and livelihood opportunities, and conceptualize other ways for them to thrive here in the motherland.

Over and over again, we have referred to our OFWs as our “Bagong Bayani”. I have unwavering faith that we all agree that they are, indeed, heroes. Thus, let us allow them to feel their importance and give them a “hero’s welcome” back home. 🇵🇭 🙌





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