Ooh Baby I Like it BRAW

There was a time when getting my nails done and being pampered for hours upon hours was part of my weekly routine. But, perhaps with age and the increasing number of responsibilities that I have to face on the daily (read: “adulting”), the idea of being rendered immobile for even a single working hour makes me beyond antsy. As it may, the absence of a manicurist in my life is not an excuse for me to run around with unkempt nails.  In fact, I still obsessively maintain a mani/pedi routine.

Now, said routine is done by myself in the comfort of my own bedroom and, you know what? I can confidently say that had I not told you, you would have thought that I had my nails professionally done. My secret? BRAW FASHION NAIL POLISH from YOYOSO*.

Am I masterfully skilled in manicures and pedicures? Absolutely not. Do I have all the tools one would find in a nail salon? Not even. Do I need more than half an hour to complete the process? Believe it or not, the answer is no. The answer truly lies in the nail polish.

BRAW goes on evenly with an ultra liquid texture and ample coverage in just 2 coats (3 coats for an extra rich hue). It is quick drying, wherein I am able to apply the top coat by the time I have applied color on both hands and everything is dry within 5 minutes thereafter.  Furthermore, aside from easy application, the polish is said to be eco-friendly, which is seemingly evident in its pleasing scent.  Oh, and you’ll love this: one bottle costs P99.00.





Accordingly, if you’re anything like me with a need for as many functional hours as possible (but unwilling to scrimp on sleeping hours), I highly recommend purchasing BRAW FASHION NAIL POLISH as your alternative to professional nail services.  I mean, if you think about it, you save not only time, but money and the environment. Ooh baby I like it BRAW.

Leave your thoughts below.

*YOYOSO is a Korean department store chain that can now be found at Robinson’s branches nationwide

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