REPUBLIKA, Represent. 🇵🇭

What do I love more than discovering new brands? I love discovering new local brands. While I can’t exactly call myself the most patriotic consumer around – far from it really – I am becoming increasingly aware and passionate about unique, world-class products crafted in the Philippines.  Latest discovery: Republika bags.

Recently gifted with their backpack, I turned into an instant fan of the brand and was considerably impressed with the following features:

♥  The striking red shade (also available in navy blue and black) – I normally prefer neutrals when it comes to clothes and accessories, but when I come across a stunning  pop of color, I will absolutely go for it.


♥  Waterproof fabric – Manila weather is truly bi-polar, so this particular feature is a Godsend.

Design – The bag isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but it is also structured very thoughtfully.  It’s really spacious (as you can see below, my laptop and makeup bag didn’t even make a dent), but collapsible for storage purposes; it is exceptionally sturdy and can stand without needing to lean on a surface; and lastly, it doesn’t look or feel like your typical backpack.

♥ Overall quality – In and out – from the fabric to the zippers to the stitching  – I honestly cannot say anything negative about the bag quality.


Want to represent Republika, too? Visit Happy Organism’s Facebook or Instagram



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