VB x ESTÉE LAUDER: Los Angelino Glow

Being someone that appreciates a very low maintenance beauty routine, I have made it a point to closely follow Victoria Beckham’s (well, after 2010, that is).  She has proven that one doesn’t need tons of fussing, time and products to create a fresh and polished daily appearance. And, considering all of the roles she maintains – as a jet-setting global designer and entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four – she manages to make it all look so effortless. Such is embodied in every VB x Estée Lauder Capsule Collection.


The sophomore collection was inspired by VB’s favorite cities around the world.  And, while all cities were displayed at the launch, the focus was on LA – a place that I once called home. As demonstrated by Global Makeup Artist, Bobby Wang, the LA look was much like the city – easygoing, full of light and all about skin and sun.



Luminous skin, touches of bronzer on the cheeks and eyes, a couple coats of mascara and the entire demonstration was done in approximately 5 minutes time. One of the truly stand-out products was the Morning Aura Illuminating Cream, that can be used post-skincare, but was also pressed into the model’s foundation on the high points of the face.  The effect was a “glow from within” as opposed to some use of highlighters that seem to sit on top of skin.  A must-have, in my opinion.


Make sure to visit a Rustan’s branch near you and experience the Los Angelino glow (as well as the essences of the other cities).




I would love to get your feedback below.

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